The Facebook Marketing Software Tool has been a great addition to our Facebook Marketing Strategy.

It is extremely easy to use and we STRONGLY recommend it to everyone that needs help getting visitors to their fanpage quickly
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We started using this tool last week and we already have over 256 new quality leads. This is exciting for us during our pre-launch!



1 month in and we have tripled our fans. This really helped me grow my fan based in a qualified way. I cant wait for the twiiter management tool coming out this month.

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by on January 1, 2013

3 Reasons To Use Social Networks People who are involved in e-commerce understand how marketing can be very expensive. In order to have sales, marketing your products or services to people who are in need of them is vital. Social networks present a viable internet marketing alternative or supplement. Here are 3 reasons why you should integrate social networks into your marketing plan online. Social networking... but also.

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Facebook Marketing Software

Facebook is one of the most powerful and influential platform of social media websites. It has emerged as a site for businesses to advertise themselves through communication with clients, customers and self-promotion and make an online presence.

For that, Facebook Marketing Software has been built by powerful expertise of professionals. This is a cheap, efficient and effective strategy to maintain and manage your Facebook page/s at a single time. We provide a centralized system to perform activities on your multiple Facebook pages.

The features of Facebook Marketing Software are:

1) Centralized System
This software allows administering multiple pages. All the data of all the pages can be tracked in one system which makes the control over it easy and less time-consuming. You can check the posts, comments and likes in the system; there is no need to visit every page individually to check the statistics.

2) Search for relevant pages
It helps in posting the content on all the relevant pages. The application provides a search option where you can just add the keyword and the app will give you a list of related pages where the posts can be done. The details of the pages like their number of likes, posts, links etc. will be also displayed.

3) Direct access to pages
You can directly go to pages of search results and can interact on behalf of your page. You can like, comment, like other's comments etc.

4) Visibility
The content you post will be visible to everyone active on that post. Your likes will be also visible. All this will be done on your page’s behalf so its name will appear everywhere which can eventually lead to increase in likes on your page.

5) Centralized posts
With this amazing feature you can post a single post on a single page of yours or few of them or all of them! Isn’t this an excellent marketing tool? You don’t need to go on individual page to post the same thing again and again.

6) Management of statistics
All the insights of all pages and their statistics can be viewed on a single platform.

Many Facebook Marketing Strategies are used by many companies to promote and publicize their business but very few of them have a growth in ROI. With our great marketing strategy you can reach your plans.

So don’t waste your time, remember time is money. Visit us and let your business grow and flourish online as well as offline.

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